Documentary Photography of Kerry Stuart Coppin & Amanda McCadams



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This exhibit investigates photography as a means to understanding oneself and others. McCadams, while working in Cuba on a U.S. research visa in 2005, visited eight provinces and photographed in over 30 museums. “I documented an immense amount of subject matter, resulting in a unique perspective of a country that is narrowly understood by Americans,” she said. McCadams said her images “represent a collection of all types of museums: war, maritime, provincial, natural history, hero birthplaces, rum, tobacco, religious, music, and many others. These museums offer a form of truth gained from unmediated vision. Stories are told through narratives constructed by curators and displays; objects are assembled to make statements. The huge sampling of information I made allows me to construct a visual narrative that is a metaphor for the ideas that sculpt the growth of Cuba.” McCadams earned her MFA in photography at University of Georgia and her BS in photography and Spanish from Middle Tennessee State University. She lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, where she teaches at Watkins College of Art & Design.


考平,在布朗大学艺术和非洲研究的教授,将显示来自城市西部非洲和海外的照片。他的目的是“寻求在非洲的黑人都市体验视觉的解释,因为它可以用来塑造了我们对非洲大陆的了解和丰富的潜力重新解释。我们可以选择允许语言或允许文化,国界和政府的经济和政治制度分离和离间我们。或者,我们可以选择使用当代社会/后现代世界的所有系统,包括技术的系统中,作为工具开拓非洲血统的许多不同和不同社区之间的工会在新的世界,和世界各地。我的视觉研究 - 人文摄影 - 是用艺术的纪律来挑衅和激励旨在改变进行有意义的对话的尝试:改变非洲,她的人民,国家和社区的看法,世界各地,作为一种手段来创建物理,精神,社会,政治和经济变革“。