The Parkland 学生艺术收藏ion consists of over 350 artworks in a variety of media. Beginning in 1971 and continuing to the present, Parkland has committed to annually purchase several artworks from the Art and Design Student Juried Exhibition. These artworks created by currently enrolled students are selected by the Art & Design faculty and the 美术馆 Director to become permanently part of the Parkland Art Collection in order to inspire future students and provide a history of the breadth of the program.  These works are intended for all to enjoy and many are exhibited in public areas of the College. 


公园pt游戏基金会收藏展由捐赠pt游戏的艺术作品,包括素描,绘画,摄影,雕塑,并打印。这个集合的一部分包括通过伊利诺伊艺术在包括由Chris贝尔蒂,千斤顶埃克斯托姆,彼得费根,不要湖泊,和Jason PEOT作品结构程序的状态下获得较大的几个艺术品。